In November 2013, Michael Carlyle, Forrest McPhail, and Chris Seawright decided to unite our efforts in the publishing of Khmer Christian resources that are Biblically sound and culturally appropriate under the banner of

"Seeking the Wisdom of Jesus." 

By God's grace, we have published four resources and have a number of other projects in the works.

1.  What did Jesus say about Honoring Parents? (September 2014)

Honoring Parents.jpg

Project Leader: Forrest McPhail

A 9-page fully-colored Gospel tract which comes at the Gospel through the issue of honoring parents. Unbelievers in Cambodia attack Christianity on this point, assuming that Christians do not believe in honoring their parents. Also addressed in this tract is the importance of not only honoring one's parents while they are alive, but even more importantly, the importance of honoring the one true God who created our parents.

Khmer version pdf / English version pdf / Khmer audio mp3 (16.8mb)


2.  The Ancient Path (February 2015 1st version; March 2017 2nd version)

Ancient Path.jpg

Project Leader: Michael Carlyle

A 18-page fully-colored Gospel tract which seeks to point people back to the first and only true religion as the belief in the one true God who may only be known through Jesus Christ. It answers the following questions: Why are there so many beliefs and religions?  Which path is the ancient path? Can man depend on a god that they have created?  Can man-made religions and idolatry really free one from the curse?

Khmer version pdf / English version pdf (coming) / Khmer audio mp3 (25.4mb)


3.  Questions and Answers Part 1: Five Important Questions about the Gospel of Jesus (November 2015)

QA Gospel Cover.jpg

Project Leader: Chris Seawright

A 51-page initial discipleship book consisting of five lessons that answer five important questions about the Gospel of Jesus.  These questions are the following: What are the proper reasons for believing in Jesus? What does Jesus promise to those who believe and follow Him? What is true repentance? What are the costs and joys of becoming a true disciple of Jesus? What is baptism? The book includes questions at the end of each lesson as well as a section at the end of the book that answers each of the questions in the lessons.

Khmer version pdf / English version pdf (coming) / Khmer audio mp3 (101.7mb)

4.  The Christian and Alcohol (May 2016)

Christians & Alcohol Cover.jpg

Project Leader: Michael Carlyle

A 58-page book that confronts the classic argument that since people in Bible times drank ancient wine then modern believers can drink the various types of wines, beers, and hard drinks available in stores today. The book challenges readers to consider how drinking can cause the loss of one’s wisdom, lead others into sin, and bring reproach on the name of our eternally exalted God. Other chapters address important topics such as: (1) whether alcohol should become a false savior in difficult times, (2) pastors and their responsibility to keep a sober example before the flock of God, (3) how Cambodian Christians can politely refuse to drink at weddings and other cultural ceremonies while still maintaining a Christlike testimony, and (4) a chapter providing hope for those addicted to alcohol.

Khmer version pdf / English version pdf (coming) / Khmer audio mp3 (coming)