Here are some English resources that we hope might be helpful to you. There is no copyright on these materials, so please feel free to download, copy, and pass them out to others.
May the Lord use these resources for His glory and for the building up of His church.

1.  For the Sake of Thy Name (2008)

In 2004, I wrote a short poem about the believer's responsibility for the spread of the Gospel to all the nations balancing this with God’s sovereignty in missions. In 2008, Matt Hancock, a summer intern to Cambodia, wrote a tune for this poem.
Words to the song: For the Sake of Thy Name (pdf) 
Sheet music for the song: For the Sake of Thy Name (pdf)
Joel Arnold and his wife singing this song (Matt Hancock playing the guitar): For the Sake of Thy Name (mp3)

2.  A Missions Philosophy Statement (Revised 2017)

In 2006, Forrest McPhail and I developed a missions philosophy statement for our ministry in Pursat, Cambodia.  In 2017, I revised this statement for use with a Bible Institute class at our home church in Ohio: A Missions Philosophy Statement (pdf)